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frequently asked questions

 1.    What is the process?

The first step in the organizing process is to have a complimentary phone consultative session to discuss your space. We'll have you send a few pictures of the space, ask questions about your style and budget, and give you a timeline for the project. There will be at least a week in between the phone consultation and the organizing session(s) to allow time to research and buy any materials for the big day. 

As you can imagine, organizing session(s) vary greatly in length depending on the type of space. The process however, is very similar. Everything will be taken out, sorted and discarded (if needed). Items will be categorized and put away in an aesthetically pleasing way, all while keeping function at the forefront. 

 2.    How involved can I, or should I, be?

This is totally up to you! We are happy to work alongside you and show you our process. But, we also love when clients have the opportunity to see their space transformed without having to lift a finger. You do what makes you feel the best.

 3.    How long does the organizing usually take?

Organizing sessions typically last 4-8 hours depending on the size and needs of the space. It might span several days depending on the schedule or needs of the client. 

 4.    Should I clean my space before you arrive?

Do not feel obligated to do this. Do not feel embarrassed of your space! The first step is to take every single item out of the space and determine where it should go, so the space will get worse before it gets better anyways. There is always an opportunity for my clients to do some pre-work if they are interested, however. This will be discussed at the consultation meeting. 

 5.    Do I need new bins/containers for the transformation to occur?

This is entirely your decision. We are happy to use containers you already own, but often, a fresh new coordinated system works, too. This decision is carefully made in the consultation meeting and is based on your vision for the space, as well as on your budget. If you decide that new products, like bins and containers, are the way to go, we will do all of the measuring, researching and shopping for you and provide an invoice for the exact amount. 

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