Hi! I'm Betsy, founder of simply done organizing

 Everything had a home. Everything was right in front of me. 

This seemingly mindless but satisfying spring cleaning left me questioning, why had I let the excess take over? And where else is this excess preventing me from feeling this sense of calm?

I've always had a passion for home decorating, and for organizing. But I’d never made the connection of these two things until now. What if organization could also be decoration? 

​Cue, the next two months of complete home overhaul. Cue my habits rubbing off on my husband and kids. (Literally. My toddler began to put things away without being asked because he knew where things belonged. I mean, what!?) Cue my mother asking for help organizing her new house. Cue my Type A personality bubbling up and overflowing with joy. Cue, Simply Done Organizing.

One day, after cleaning out our overflowing pantry, I decided to only put back items that we used frequently. I lined the shelves neatly with newly filled containers, labeled each one, and left empty (gasp!) space behind each item. I donated a huge box of miscellaneous odds and ends, threw away old and expired food, labeled a bin of "backstock" supplies to stash in an area that was not in prime kitchen real estate, and stepped back to look at my work. 


It. Was. Beautiful. I felt inspired, satisfied and a sense of calm.

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